“Nature is offering herself to you. How astonishing. To realize this world can taste so good.”

-Lorin Roche, The Radiance Sutras


Working on Balance Lately, things have been a bit crazy. Maybe it’s the Scorpio full moon or the transition into Spring or that life is finally starting to open up again; my life has been pretty hectic.  Throughout all the craziness, I’ve been finding it more difficult to find time for myself and my practice.… Continue reading WORKING ON BALANCE

Vegan Refried Black Beans

Happy Spring! Or happy-what-finally-feels-like-spring! Things are finally starting to warm up and green up where I live and I am filled with joy.  For me, this means more time outside, the sun out when I get up, and no longer constantly feeling cold. It also means Easter, which my family was fortunate and able to… Continue reading Vegan Refried Black Beans


I think that everyone has superpowers. They can be something small or something huge, really anything that fits your definition of “superpower”. One of mine happens to be the ability to eat the same meal every single day without tiring of it. You might ask yourself, “How is that a superpower?” Well, I think it’s a… Continue reading MY FAVORITE BAKED TOFU

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